Cargo Warehousing

Express Movers warehousing network gives you the competitive edge of fulfilling your deadlines and managing inventories without owning a local warehouse or engaging distribution staff.  Storage can be provided in our modern, dry, safe and secure storage facilities in Islamabad & Karachi or with our agents overseas. Items for storage will be placed into wooden liftvans and labeled Clearly.


  • Import and export warehousing and delivery
  • Control checks on entry & exit of goods
  • Modern packing, crating and storage facilities
  • Full warehouse security and insurance cover
  • Adequate insured private warehousing space
  • Short-, middle- and long-term storage of personal effects, motor vehicles and project / office materials
  • Fully serviced inventory management
  • Helps our clients to reduce fixed overheads, increase efficiency, cut down valuable management time and offer great efficiency


  • Reduced warehousing expenses and investments
  • Reduced order cycle duration
  • Enhanced customer service and business relations

Our professionalism in packing and shipping while moving household shipments has made Express Movers one of the leading freight forwarders in our country.